Voice Lessons

Jocelyn teaches a variety of skills (all important to being a well round musician):

  • music theory
  • ear training
  • vocal technique
  • sight-reading


The Scofield Studio accepts vocal students of all skill levels. She firmly believes music and singing is not something for just professionals and the very gifted. Everyone has a voice inside them. Everyone has potential. However, she does have 2 requirements: a wiling spirit & a good attitude. Ms. Scofield accepts voice students ranging from 10 years old and up. For younger singers, Jocelyn incorporates the Gordon Music Learning Technique, a holistic learning approach to singing and music. There is a larger focus on the fundamentals of music: pitch and rhythm.  For all beginning students, a trial lesson is required.

Age 5-10 Recommendation:
Skill Level Lesson Length
• Beginner • 30 Minutes
• Intermediate • 30-45 Minutes
Ages 10-15 Recommendation:
Skill Level Lesson Length
• Beginner-Intermediate • 30-45 Minutes
• Intermediate-Advanced • 45-60 Minutes
Ages 15 & Up Recommendation:
Skill Level Lesson Length
• Beginner-Intermediate • 45-60 Minutes
• Intermediate-Advanced • 60 Minutes


Ear training is usually incorporated into every voice lesson.  Jocelyn puts a high level of importance on it because a good ear enables a singer to:

• Quickly learn songs

• Sing in tune (stay in the key signature)

• Harmonize

• Create Melodies/Music

• Sight-reading


• Learn/Understand key & time signatures

• Learn/Understand intervals and how they relate to the piano

• Count/Read rhythms

• Learn the staff, clefs, and note names

• Understand major and minor modalities


• Learn common song structures

• Learn how to construct a singable melody

• Learn how to craft effective lyrics

• Learn how to create an accompaniment for your melody

• Learn the business basics of songwriting


• Learn the staff, clefs, and note names

• Understand time and key signatures

• Learn chords

• Read music (treble and bass clef)