Finding Your Tessitura or Sweet Spot

Finding Your Tessitura or Sweet Spot The difference between range and tessitura becomes important when you choose songs, choose keys, and start singing with other people.  My last blog was about range and finding your range.  You can read it here. Once you’ve found your range, the work becomes having every note in your range strong and consistent. The notes in your range should be easy to move from one to the other with even breath,...

How to find your range

How to find your range WHAT IS RANGE: Range is how high and low you can sing. Your range is from the lowest note you can sing consistently to the highest note. The word consistently is important. Often singers can hit low notes in the morning, that by the evening they no longer can sing. When giving someone, a client or another musician, your range, I would play it safe and only include notes you can ALWAYS hit/sing. HOW TO...

Singing in Bands

Singing in Bands Bands.  They can be great, fun, emotionally fulfilling, expand your musicality and sense of community.  They can push you musically, educate you on other instruments, and support your dreams in music.  They can also be a headache, have drama and be wrought with fighting and bounced checks.  I’ve been in a number of bands, mostly as a hired singer.  Here are some of my tips for making the most of...

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