The Takeaway from ‘Meh’ Auditions


Recently I was in an audition.  It was one I really wanted to nail.  I prepared a ton for it.  I rehearsed hours, tweaked notes, and got as ready as possible.   I usually drink extra water in the morning of and meditate before performances or auditions.  I did both of those.

So I go to the audition.  I sight-read, did a few exercises, and sang a few songs.   The guy auditioning me was on his phone for half of it.  He gave no indication that he was even listening.  There were no words, either of interest, praise or critiques.   Personally I kind of wanted to shake him and say, “If I boring you, feel free to leave.”  I didn’t. I did my thing.  Thanked him and left.

There are a couple things to take from this experience that are positive.

1) Bad auditions happen to everyone:  It is not always a perfect fit.  And everyone has mediocre auditions or performances.  Obviously, as performers we want to minimize those as much as possible.  I felt prepared and practiced, so there’s nothing to regret.  It is over and all I can do is learn from it.

2) Don’t take it personally:  Just because I thought he wasn’t listening doesn’t mean he wasn’t.  Maybe he was taking notes. Maybe he didn’t want me to feel pressured by his being there so he didn’t focus too much on me.  I don’t know.  And frankly it doesn’t matter.  The only thing that matters is that I gave it my all, regardless of his reaction.

3) Learn Don’t Regret:  Although I can’t change what happened I can learn from it. This is a tricky line. It can lead to feelings of regret (which I don’t think are helpful).  But too look back neutrally and ask, “if I had to do it over again, would I do that the same way.”  If the answer if yes.  That is great.  If the answer is no, what can you learn for next time.  “Next time I will….”  NOT “I should have done this or that.”  Do you see the difference?  One is beating up on yourself and one is learning for next time.

4) One Audition Does Not Make or Break You:  This one is a big one.  I sometimes put a lot of pressure on auditions.  I think “if I blow it, I won’t get a second chance. ”  Or I’ll have lost an opportunity.  That is not the case.  There are endless opportunities.  It is only our own minds that limit the possibilities available to us.  The very, very best thing to do is learn and move on.  Get ready for the next one.

Good luck!




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