Studio Policies


If you have any questions please call, 323.590.8461, or email Scofield Studio.

Cancellation Policy:
For monthly contract students: You must call 24 hours in advance if you must miss a lesson.  It’s pretty much my one hard and fast rule.  I encourage you only to miss a lesson if necessary. Lessons are rescheduled for illness, planned vacations (at least two weeks notice is requested), emergencies, or special engagments.  If you know you are going to be gone several times in a month, please give Scofield Studio as much notice as possible.  If it is not a regular absence, Scofield Studio may be able to work around the absences with out losing your lesson time.

If less than 24 hours’ notice is given or no notice is given, students will be charged for the scheduled lesson and no makeup lesson will be given.

For individual lesson students (non contract): You must give 48 hours notice either by email or phone.  Scofield Studio has a limited number of lesson times available for non-monthly students.  Therefore, Scofield Studio needs to open those spots as soon as possible so other students can use them.

Makeup Lesson Policy:
Scofield Studio encourages you only to miss a lesson if necessary. Lessons are generally rescheduled for illness, planned vacations (at least two weeks notice is requested), emergencies, and other engagements. Contract students are eligible for 2 makeup lessons per quarter.  Under special circumstances and at least two weeks notice, a student may be available for an additional makeup lesson. But this is at the discretion of the teacher and availability.

Generally, makeups are made up in one of the following ways.

1) Extra lesson on Non Lesson Day – Makeup lessons are generally given on Saturdays.

2) Additional 15 minute Increments – Depending on the length of your lesson, it may be possible to split the makeup into 15 minute increments and add them to future lessons.

You have a period of 2 months after the last lesson or end of contract to schedule and complete your makeup lesson(s). If within 3 months, the makeup lesson is not completed, the makeup lesson will be lost.

If the teacher must miss a lesson, advance notice will be given (generally between 2 weeks to 2 months) and a makeup lesson will be scheduled at the earliest possible date.

To Stop Lessons:
If you are a regular monthly student, you can stop lessons by letting Scofield Studio know by phone, email, or in person. Please give Scofield Studio 1-2 weeks notice.

Group Lessons:
Small group lessons are available.  The cost for group lessons varies on the number of students.  A group lesson for two people would be $130 ($65/each).  A group lesson for three people would be  $165 ($55 each).  A group lesson for four people would be $180 ($45 each)

Home Lessons: 
Occasionally, I do teach home lessons if they are more convenient for your situation.  Availability is limited for home lessons.  Currently there is availability on Tuesdays.  The pricing is the same as studio lessons plus an additional travel fee. The travel fee starts $25 per lesson and is calculated from the distance from Bundy/Santa Monica Blvd.

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