About Piano Lessons

Jocelyn teaches a variety of skills (all important to being a well round musician):

  • Piano pedegogy
  • Music Theory
  • Sight-reading
  • Repertoire Building
  • Ear Training


The Scofield Studio accepts piano students at beginner and intermediate skill level.  She firmly believes music and playing instruments is not something for just professionals and the very gifted. Everyone has music inside them. Everyone has potential. However, she does have 2 requirements: a willing spirit & a good attitude. Ms. Scofield accepts piano students ranging from 6 years old and up. Sometimes she makes an exception for children as young as 5, but an audition is required.

Age 6-8 Recommendation:
Skill Level Lesson Length
• Beginner • 30 Minutes
• Intermediate • 30-45 Minutes
Ages 12-15 Recommendation:
Skill Level Lesson Length
• Beginner • 30-45 Minutes
• Intermediate • 45-60 Minutes
Ages 16 & Up Recommendation:
Skill Level Lesson Length
• Beginner-Intermediate • 60 Minutes


A must for an pianist.  Music Theory and being able to read notes and rhythms is part of the basics of playing the piano.  During lessons these are some of the skills we will cover.

• Learn/Understand key & time signatures

• Learn/Understand intervals and how they relate to the piano

• Count/Read rhythms

• Learn the staff, clefs, and note names

• Understand major and minor modalities


Ear training is usually incorporated into lessons. It may be a simple as finding pitches and as complicated at transcribing a piano melody or hearing chords.  This depends on the students skill level and musicianship.  Ear training is so important because it helps you:

• Quickly learn songs

• Create Melodies/Music

• Sight-Read