What is the Scofield Studio?
The Scofield Studio is a private voice studio owned by Jocelyn Scofield. Ms. Scofield teaches pop, jazz, and vocal singing styles as well as music theory, ear training, and pedagogy.

What are Ms. Scofield’s qualifications?
– She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Vocal Music Education.
– She’s been teaching for over ten years, all ages and styles.
– She’s studied the vocal styles of jazz, pop, and classical vocal styles extensively.
– She thoroughly understands the voice and how it works.
– She’s been singing professionally fro ten years. Click here for some examples of her singing.
– She’s knowledgeable about the business of singing and songwriting, having worked as a singer for churches, cover bands, & studios and also having toured as a singer/songwriter for four years.

How do I sign up?
1) Call 323.590.8461 or email to schedule a trial lesson.
2) Come in for a trial lesson to see if you and Ms. Scofield are a good fit.
3) Lastly, choose from either contract or individual lessons. Click here for a description.

What kind of music will I sing?
It varies for each student. There are fundamental skills involved in singing that are in every style If you would like to learn to sing in a more contemporary style, that is the repertoire we will choose. We can cover a variety of styles based on your interests. Stylistically, each music genre is very different and takes time become comfortable with. Singing a particular style isn’t just about singing the notes on the page, it’s about interpreting the notes on the page to fit the genre you are singing.

Will lessons make me sound like an opera singer?
Not unless we work towards a classical style of singing. We will focus our efforts on having a good vocal technique and gearing the voice stylistically to your genre of choice. Having good vocal technique does involve proper breathing and support which should exist in any style you sing. During warm-ups, I may ask you to sing with a certain vowel that may sound more classical than pop, but when singing your repertoire (your songs) we’ll sing in the style of the song.

Can you make me sound like Christina Aguilera?
A vocalist like Christina has a certain way she produces sound (supported/focused/soft palette) and I can help you produce sound like her. But the amazing thing about your voice is that it is unique to you. I always try to help my students find their own voice. Think of your body and mouth as an instrument. Chances are your instrument is different from hers, so your sound will naturally be different.  That is a good thing!

Can I afford it?
In Los Angeles, the pricing for teachers is from $50/hour to $300/hour. I’ve tried to make mine as affordable as possible. As a vocalist myself, I would say that singing skills are invaluable. If you would like to make singing your career, a part of your career, or even part of who you are and what you do, voice lessons are the best way to do that. Depending on your current vocal habits they could possibly help you avoid nodules on the vocal cords and eventual surgery due to incorrect phonation. But I absolutely understand the financial end of taking lessons. Click here to take a look at my pricing. If contract voice lessons with me are out of your price range, don’t be discouraged. Even a few lessons will help guide your learning and improvement in the right direction. Also, there are a multitude of tips and tutorials online.  When looking online, there is no filter for people who actually know healthy vocal technique.  Use your best judgement to evaluate their qualifications.

What are the ages of students you work with?
I generally teach voice lessons ages ten and up. For very talented young voices, I may make an exception. I find that up to the age of ten, children are better suited for a singing or music class atmosphere. It takes a fairly mature child to learn repertoire and focus during the entire lesson. If you have questions about whether your young child would work well in this atmosphere, please contact me.

If I miss a lesson, will I be able to make that lesson up?
Most definitely! As long as you notify me twenty-four hours in advance. If you notify me less than twenty-four hours in advance, the lesson is not refundable. For make-up lessons, we can either add an additional 15 minutes to the next few lessons, make up the missed lesson at the end of the contract, or schedule it between your regular lessons. More than two makeups during a 3-month contract is dealt with on a case by case basis.  If you need to miss your regular lesson time, I prefer making up the lesson during the week.   I do this so we don’t get too far behind in your lessons and loose momentum in your vocal growth.

What should I bring with me when I come for my first lesson?
You may bring with you any style of music you prefer to sing, whether it’s in sheet music or recorded accompaniment (MP3 or phone). But first and foremost, you must come with an intense desire to learn and work and a willingness to sacrifice of your time and resources in order to become successful! Attitude is 90% of learning.

Do you teach home lessons?
I do teach home lessons if they are more convenient for your situation.   I am available on Tuesdays and Thursdays to travel to homes for lessons.  I do require that you have a keyboard or piano.  The pricing is the same as studio lessons plus an additional ‘travel fee.’  The ‘travel fee’ is calculated from the distance from Bundy/Santa Monica Blvd.

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