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Video Voice Lessons

Video Voice Lessons “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” In this digital and global age, there are ways we can keep connecting and learning. It is a beautiful thing to have the technology enable this kind of learning, whether that is through online classes, Youtube Videos, or personal lessons. A few years ago, I started teaching video voice lessons. The video conferencing world has gotten...

Teaching Music to Little Kids

Teaching Music to Little Kids This is a blog about an experience I had and why I think we must adjust the way we teach music to children. There are 3 fundamentals that are crucial when teaching music. It starts with birth and if you teach music like a language, children will easily learn these three concepts. 1) How to use your singing voice 2) How to keep a steady tempo 3) How to sing in tune That’s it. It is not difficult. We...

Explain Your Range: Jocelyn Scofield

Explain Your Range: Jocelyn Scofield This a new series I’ve started. It is called “Explain My Range.” These videos ask professional singers to explain their vocal range and vocal registers. In “Range Explained: Jocelyn Scofield,” Jocelyn goes through her range from low to high and describes what she feels in her voice and how she understands her range. In no way is she saying that others should imitate or explain...

Finding Your Tessitura or Sweet Spot

Finding Your Tessitura or Sweet Spot The difference between range and tessitura becomes important when you choose songs, choose keys, and start singing with other people.  My last blog was about range and finding your range.  You can read it here. Once you’ve found your range, the work becomes having every note in your range strong and consistent. The notes in your range should be easy to move from one to the other with even breath,...

How to find your range

How to find your range WHAT IS RANGE: Range is how high and low you can sing. Your range is from the lowest note you can sing consistently to the highest note. The word consistently is important. Often singers can hit low notes in the morning, that by the evening they no longer can sing. When giving someone, a client or another musician, your range, I would play it safe and only include notes you can ALWAYS hit/sing. HOW TO...

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