How to: Singing

How to: Singing Hello Singers! “How to: Singing” is a new project to help singers get better, practice, and fine tune their skills by consistently recording and performing.  It’s geared towards all ages and skill levels, and is free to participate.  The only cost is the instrumental track for the month – $1. HiTS Website: www.howtosinging.com   This is how it works. 1) I’ll upload one...

Everyone Blows It

Everyone Blows It I am writing this because…yes, I blew a performance recently.  I was hired by a contractor who hasn’t heard me sing besides my demo. To get hired for this concert was a pretty big deal.  There were several other vocal contractors there, as well as the best session singers in LA.  She even asked me to do a solo.  I so wanted to nail it. I was like “YAY.”  Rehearsal went well. ...

Vocal Damage: Nodes or other….

Vocal Damage: Nodes or other…. This past weekend, I went to a fantastic master class hosted by Reena Gupta, MD, FACS. She is the director of the Division of Voice and Laryngology at the Osborne Head and Neck Institute.  Click the link to check her out.  She did a few sessions on vocal damage, including scoping a few people to check out their vocal cords. When talking about nodules, Dr. Gupta said 90% of the time they are...

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